eeFoundation Kinesiology level

Foundation Kinesiology level

OHB - Optimum Health Balance

Foundation Training

Modules 1 & 2:    Based on TFH levels 1 and 2, students will learn the art of muscle testing and the main corrective therapies along with invaluable self-help techniques such as emotional stress release, simple pain relief and balancing with food.  Also the introduction of finger modes to identify outstanding structural, chemical/nutritional, emotional, electromagnetic imbalances and how to correct them along with goal setting to achieve a deeper, more enduring balance.

Module 3 & 4:   Introduce muscle testing by body area (neck and shoulder girdle, trunk, low back and pelvis, hips and knees) along with more self-help techniques.

Optimum Health Mini Balance introduces students to working with Optimum Health Balance vibrational icons.  This Mini Balance is simple to learn, safe and an effective means of raising one’s energy level whether used on family, friends.

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