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TFH Professional - Passion to Profit - the Practice Management course

Course runs: 30 April - 2 May 2021

Course Description

TFH Professional - Passion to Profit - the Practice Management course

A three day course covering all aspects of running a kinesiology practice. For anyone wanting to start, or already running, a business using the kinesiology skills that they already have. Find out how to turn your ideas of being a professional into reality. Understand what motivates you and discover your barriers and how to overcome them. Explore the practicalities of working as a professional and promoting yourself to others. Move forward towards realising your dreams effectively and confidently.
Included in the course is an additional follow-up mentoring session and optional individual assessment of competence, as well as a resource pack with details of where to get free information, training or advice on many aspects of setting up your business. This course is focused on giving you the things others can’t, rather than repeating what is already available free of charge.
…….and most exciting of all, this course has been exclusively written for kinesiologists..

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Hazel Miller

27 Etloe Road

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Telephone : 07790 371535
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Touch for Health (TFH) Professional

Touch for Health Kinesiology is the most widely known system of kinesiology in the world.  Touch for Health, developed by John Thie, is a simplified version of the basic Applied Kinesiology developed by George Goodheart.  It offers a safe, effective way to maintain health and well-being that is available to people with no previous knowledge of their body and how it works. The aim of the professional school is to develop confident and knowledgeable body-based Kinesiologists capable of detecting and correcting imbalances in the individual energy systems of their clients so that well- being is enhanced in their lives. The modular approach of the Advanced training encompasses all aspects of well- being (including structural, chemical, psychological/emotional and subtle-energy aspects), the emphasis being on the facilitation of self awareness.

Practitioners for this training available throughout UK. For more information, please contact Helena Argüelles:

Helena Argüelles
AKFRP, Head of (Touch for Health) Kinesiology, Head of TFH Professional School, International Kinesiology College Faculty for UK
The Beck Clinic
Newnham on Severn
GL14 1EQ
Tel: 0774 884 1820

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