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Functional K Practitioner - Digestion

Course runs: 16 - 17 July 2022

Course Description

Functional K Practitioner - Digestion


Purpose – to understand the digestive system, how to use Kinesiology to balance the digestion. To fully understand Irritable Bowel Syndrome, learn why this isn’t a digestive condition at all and discover the effective management programme for this condition. To be confident testing supplements for digestion.

  • How the digestion works and its relation to other organs
  • The digestive link to the immune system
  • Understanding the symptoms behind common digestive conditions such as IBS and SIBO
  • Using supplements, what is recommended
  • Structural techniques including ileo-cecal valve manipulation and subclinical hernia correction
  • How to bring digestive nutrition into your balance
  • Herbs, minerals, vitamins for digestion
  • Comparing diet plans for balancing the digestion
  • Emotion and the digestion
  • The effect of stress and digestion 

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Course Location

The Hamblin Centre, Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham, Nr Chichester, West Sussex
PO18 8PJ (Click for Google Map)

Claire Snowdon-Darling & Laura Knowles

Balanced Wellness
46 Langstone Road
Langstone Havant

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Telephone : 07964 976563 | Mobile : 07969 369792
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Functional Kinesiology is an exciting new approach to healthcare

At its core it uses “The Triangle Of Health”, a concept that simplifies the complex interplay between hormone systems that, when imbalanced are often the root cause behind the major disorders currently affecting society.

Functional Kinesiology combines tried and tested techniques and methodologies from a variety of sources, combined with cutting edge nutritional science and emotional techniques ensuring that the root cause of conditions are treated biochemically, electrically, emotionally and structurally creating a contemporary and effective 360o approach to client care and empowerment.

The techniques and practices are broken down into a protocol and phased based approach meaning that as a practitioner it takes the overwhelm and confusion out of your practice and for clients it creates reassurance that they are on a journey to understanding their bodies and their health.

The protocols work synergistically together, building into a truly unique way of working with the body and not simply focussing on finding the relevant kinesiology techniques for specific symptoms.

The protocols are taught over eight modules. Each module is split between workshop attendance once a month and online home based study via podcasts and downloadable resources so you can view the demonstrations as often as you wish creating a flexible study programme.

The workshops are interesting and practical allowing the workshop attendee to be confident to apply the learning immediately. All attendees are offered email and telephone support after the workshops and access to a closed Facebook group for community support.

Each weekend will offer some home study and an opportunity to submit case studies to ensure you have grasped the learning to further your confidence. In line with the National Occupational Standards there will also be a clinical assessment and examination at the end of the course.

The modules offered on this innovative course focus on the areas we need to understand to be able to support clients dealing with today’s health issues:

  • Blood sugar stability and diet and the effect on our health
  • Stress and the adrenal glands
  • Digestion and the gut microbiome
  • Hormones and hormone disruption
  • The Immune system and allergies
  • “Holding Space” A new concept in clinical emotional coaching

Claire Snowdon-Darling, AKFRP / Head of School
& Laura Knowles, KFRP / TFH Instructor
46 Langstone Road
Langstone Havant
07964 976563 (Claire)
07969 369792 (Laura)