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OHB - Interpersonal Skills

Course runs: 4 - 7 February 2022

Course Description

OHB - Interpersonal Skills

This course is aimed at therapists in general and particularly kinesiologists. It takes place over 2 weekends and is practically based. The skill development and knowledge and understanding is set within the framework of Personal Construct Psychology. The approaches used also enable participants to enhance self-awareness and therefore awareness of others.  Assessment is in 3 parts comprising of a personal journal, a written assessment and an assessment of practical skills.

Course Location

North Walsham, Norfolk
NR28 9EA (Click for Google Map)

Susanne Lakin

Dixon Road
North Walsham
NR28 9EA

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Telephone : 01263 732197
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Optimum Health Balance (OHB)

Optimum Health Balance (OHB) is a kinesiological system unique in its integration of muscle response with the use of vibrational icons (visual symbols) that allow the energy system to lead 'a conversation' that both identifies imbalances and selects treatments. Its strength lies in its simplicity of practice while enabling depth of content and effectiveness.

OHB helps the client to create a state of progressively positive health at all levels of being and thus overcome problems and raise the person's energy to the highest possible level at the time of balance and to assist in creating what is desired in life.

Its originator, Charles Benham, is considered a leading pioneer of kinesiology in the UK.

Head of Kinesiology
Gill Tarlington KFRP
23 Church Lane
Norwich, NR11 6TR
Tel: 01263 732197