Course Diary

Foundation of Functional Kinesiology - Level 1

Course runs: 10 - 11 September 2022

Course Description

Foundation of Functional Kinesiology - Level 1

A holistic foundation training course across 5 modules and 1 consolidation/assessment weekend, covering 

  • Techniques from the Mental, Chemical, Physical and Electrical realms
  • Powerful emotional techniques enabling you to support emotions from the past, present and future
  • Food sensitivity testing, plus information about nutrition and how to test for what the body needs
  • Structural balancing techniques – to align the body physically
  • How to run acupuncture meridians to balance our electrical fields as well as learning Chinese Traditional 5 Element Theory
  • Muscle testing – how to muscle test, giving you a direct communication with the body. Learn all 48 muscles required by the Kinesiology National Occupational Standards for anyone wishing to progress on to Practitioner  assessment in “Foundation Kinesiology”
  • Educational – techniques to support learning challenges, making learning easy for children and adults

Course Location

Park Place, Wickham, Hampshire
PO17 5HA (Click for Google Map)

Tracey Cleeve

Balanced Wellness

Contact Information

Telephone : 07854 032362
Email :
Website : balancedwellness/

We teach at Park Place, a beautiful retreat centre in Fareham, Hampshire in the South of England. There is an opportunity for accommodation so please contact the venue to check availability. There is free parking and Southampton Airport Parkway is the nearest mainline station.