About the Federation

About  the Federation

The Kinesiology Federation 

The Kinesiology Federation (KF) is a non-profit making professional association providing support to members and working to enhance the profile of kinesiology throughout the UK.

The Kinesiology Federation was formed in 1991 by a committed group of kinesiologists who saw the need for a kinesiology association dedicated to the development of the profession, the promotion of the therapy and providing support for the members. The KF is run by kinesiologists for kinesiologists and acts as a professional organisation to represent kinesiologists from throughout the UK. It was developed with the express intent to be inclusive and encompass all branches of kinesiology.

Why join the Kinesiology Federation?

The vision 

The Kinesiology Federation’s vision is to have kinesiology viewed as a professional mainstream therapy that has the highest standards in training and practice, for the benefit of both the general public and its members.  Ultimately, the KF would like to have all kinesiologists represented by one body and so the KF aims to maintain positive relationships with other professional bodies and the medical profession.

Since 2003 the KF has operated as a limited company with a Policy Board functioning as the Board of Directors. The Directors are elected to the Policy Board at the AGM by the voting members. The Board is made up of representatives from a number of kinesiology modalities and meets on a regular basis. Where necessary other KF members sit on sub-committees to deal with current issues. 

An Administrator is responsible for the day to day running of the KF in discussion/agreement with the Policy Board. All policy matters and decisions are referred to the relevant Policy Board members.

Aims and objectives of the Kinesiology Federation 

  • To develop the federation as a professional and ethical body and ensure it is presented as such.
  • To define and maintain a register of recognised disciplines of kinesiology and a register of all qualified professionals for the public.
  • To prescribe standards of competence and suitability for membership and to offer support to the membership in the development of kinesiology as a valued and recognised natural therapy.
  • To represent all aspects of kinesiology to any appropriate national or international body and to the public.
  • To create high standards of communication with members.

Please visit the sections on membership benefits and membership forms for more information and we operate a Code of Conduct for all our members

The Kinesiology Federation is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Balens Limited, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, WR14 2TA Tel : 01684 893006 Fax: 01684 891361 , who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.   http://www.balens.co.uk/