KF CPD Masterclasses Autumn 2023

KF CPD Masterclasses Autumn 2023

KF CPD Masterclasses Autumn 2023

Join us at our regional CPD Masterclasses to connect with colleagues, enhance your knowledge and undertake some CPD.

These events are 2.5 hour kinesiology based masterclasses that are useful to kinesiologists and other practitioners alike.

These events run in addition to our KF one day conferences.

Tickets are £25 for members / £65 for non-members (with an option to join as a Friend and access privilege member booking rates).  Click here to book your place.

Saturday, September 16th 2023 10:00 - 12:30 - Petersfield - Hormones for Health with Claire Snowdon-Darling AKFRP

Picture of Claire Snowdon-Darling with the following words Kinesiology Federation masterclass presenter 2023, Hormones for health, Claire Snowdon-Darling Dip. ASK, AKFRP

About Claire Snowdon-Darling. Claire is a kinesiologist, author and speaker specialising in hormone dysregulation, diet, and menopause.

Claire has been a clinician since 2008 and through her professional and personal research has created Functional Kinesiology and the ground-breaking clinic model “The Triangle of Hormonal Health”.
She is the Head of The College of Functional Wellness teaching her protocols and work to practitioners all over the world. 

About the masterclass - Hormones for health

This 2-2 ½ hour masterclass will give you a deeper dive into hormones and their impact on our health.  Hormonal imbalance and difficulties through menopause are becoming common place and this is largely due to toxic overload, dietary insufficiencies, stress and digestive dysfunction. Claire's specialist topics are menopause and hormonal imbalances, adrenal issues and chronic fatigue and emotional issues such as anxiety and the connection between them all.   

This Masterclass will give you the opportunity to better understand the importance of hormone health on our whole well-being, the signs to be aware of and how to support optimum hormone health, holistically. 

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For details of our Autumn 2023 one day Kinesiology Conference click here

Sunday, September 3rd 2023 - Chesterfield - Mini Epigenetics Cycles Masterclass with Denise Gurney AKFRP (Bookings are closed for this event)

Kinesiology Federation Masterclass presenter 2023, Mini Epigenetics Cycles, Denise Gurney AKFRP, BA (Hons) PGCE - with a grren circle with a picture of Denise smiling, in a navy jacket and floral top with a pink shrub behind her.

About Denise Gurney. Denise has worked with kinesiology since 1989.   She first learned Touch for Health in Ghana, and then moved to New York to become a Touch for Health instructor and later a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP).  She was one of the first Faculty to teach the ICPKP Diploma programmes and her UK school is called Cheshire Kinesiology.  
Denise is a qualified Kinesiopractor® and she trains others to become practitioners themselves, or as the ICPKP Senior Faculty Trainer trains them to teach others.   

About the masterclass - Epigenetics Mini Workshop

This 2-2 ½ hour workshop has been specially put together for the Kinesiology Federation by Dr Bruce Dewe and Mrs Joan Dewe, founders of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice.   Their work is taught in countless countries, and has changed lives for the better all over the world. 

In this unit we will cover what epigenetics means to us in our lives, and using Chinese meridian theory alongside recognisable PKP techniques you will learn how to do two different balances on yourself, or on a friend, to improve gene expression -  simply, this means get rid of old habits, improve the way you do things, and basically have less stress!  All in a couple of hours.
Anyone taking this course, plus taking a one day Epigenetics course will then be given a K-Power® teaching certificate so that they can pass this information onto others.  Dates for the one day courses will be available at the venue.