Your sessions

Your sessions

During the first session, which might last from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, a KF registered kinesiologist will ask you why you have come for a session and take a comprehensive case history. They will explain about their branch of kinesiology and how the session will proceed. Please be aware that although two people can appear to have the same symptoms, where kinesiology is concerned, their sessions could be very different.

Your kinesiologist will explain and demonstrate muscle monitoring (muscle testing). It is likely that your kinesiologist will help you formulate an appropriate goal for the session.

The kinesiology tools and methods applied in the session will vary according to your kinesiologist and their particular branch of kinesiology. However, all kinesiologies use muscle monitoring to find the priority stressors and the most appropriate corrections to make. These corrections may be on the physical level, to do with emotional issues, mental beliefs, chemical imbalances, dietary changes etc.

At the end of the session you may be advised on lifestyle changes, given specific exercises to do, or flower essences to take or be recommended certain supplements. These work to help maintain the positive changes that have taken place during your session.

Please note that, as with any kind of alternative or complementary health care, kinesiology is not a substitute for seeing your medical doctor. If you have an ailment or injury you should consult your medical doctor before commencing a course with a kinesiologist. And of course you should keep your doctor informed of the progress you make.