25 Years KF Celebration Conference 2016

25 Years KF Celebration Conference 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended the KF's 25 Years Celebration Conference on 16th & 17th April 2016 and helped to make it a success! 

Please read this great summary of the Event written by Fran Smith

Some great feedback from some of our delegates: 

"Please say a huge thank you to all of the KF team who organised and ran a fabulous AGM. I only made it on the Sunday, and I had a brilliant time. I had inspiring conversations, made at least one new friend, had fun chatting with old ones, heard interesting talks and enjoyed celebrating kinesiology. It was great. Thank you, thank you thank you.


"Dear All,

I just wanted to express my thanks to the PB and Bettina and Adrienne for arranging such a lovely 25 year conference. I really enjoyed it and I want to especially thank you for giving me the tribute of receiving honorary membership and also the beautiful paper weight. It was all a lovely surprise.

I really felt that peace and harmony reigned and personally it was absolutely wonderful to meet up with old friends I hadn’t seen in years.

I wish the current PB every success for the coming year.

Warm wishes,


"2nd May 2016

Dear Bettina, Adrienne and the Policy Board, past and present,
Thank you all so very much for so many things it's hard to know where to start! I think first of all, with thanks for organising the 25th celebration AGM. It was indeed a Conference, not simply an AGM and it was an occasion to remember. It was a joy for me to see so many dear friends again and to remember with great affection those early days of the KF. Having been out of circulation, as it were, for over a year now, it was wonderful to breathe kinesiology again and to experience all those hugs! My thanks go to everyone for the love and energy you all gave me. I came home zinging and revitalised and with a lot more 'oomph' to go on with whatever comes next. A special thank you for the lovely piece of Caithness glass you gave me. The paperweight is beautiful and I shall treasure it. I was intending to put it on my kitchen windowsill, until I read the enclosed information. The kitchen faces south and on good day is flooded with sunlight, so I thought it would be lovely to see the sun shining through the glass. Not a good idea, apparently, so the 'Trail Blazer' orb has pride of place on my mantel piece instead. So, thank you for bringing us all together, for the joy of sharing, for the brilliant speakers, for holding kinesiology and keeping the flame burning.

With love
"The 2016 KF AGM and 25th Anniversary was a real treat.  
Well done to the Policy Board and everyone who organised and orchestrated this event.  Being two days long made it very special.  The speakers were fantastic and it was so nice to meet up with much loved faces, and to spend time relaxing on the Saturday night in a very nice location.  It was also lovely for me to get to spend some time with past students and catch up with their news.  I personally loved hearing Mathew Thie sharing past memories of his father, and seeing pictures of the early days of TFH.  On Sunday afternoon it was very useful taking part in a mini workshop with Wayne Topping, as the last one I attended with him was in November 1996.  We all spent time working on the Quadriceps muscle, dividing the main test into the four individual muscles and testing these.  This is so useful as knee problems affect so many people. Taking part in the 'Questions to the HOK' was also very special, and highly enjoyable. There certainly was a lot of love, warmth and comradeship in that room. 
Thank you all for another set of memories to add to the kinesiology treasure chest.
Miranda L. Welton."