Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Kinesiology helped with my Hayfever. I have suffered badly for 20 years and dreaded the summer months.  I never thought it was possible to be sneeze free.  I can now open the car windows, walk in fields of rape, cut the grass and sit outside at family BBQ's without constantly sneezing and blowing my nose.  I have my life back again. My Kinesiologist’s approach to treatment is holistic and very caring.  Her many therapeutic skills and experience shows.  She used a combination of allergy testing, kinesiology and reflexology to cure me.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to try complementary therapy.

Danielle Leak

When I came to see my kinesiologist I had a few problems. One was over acidity in the stomach which has now gone and I no longer take medication for this. I also had post irradiation inflammation in the chest wall which was causing pain and is now much better. The stress and sleepless nights have gone, I feel more relaxed and able to sleep as well as general well being. I turned to alternative therapies because drugs/medication have side effects that can be as bad as the condition you take them for. It works for me!


Dear reader, I felt compelled today to put pen to paper as such to try to say in words if thats possible how amazing I feel after seeing my Kinesiologist.  It all started a few months ago and after doing my homework on a number of therapists in Yorkshire I came across her website and I knew after only a few minutes of reading about her she was the Therapist for me.

I have struggled with lower back L3 L4 problems, stress, anxiety and panic attacks  to name just a few ailments these last 30 years or so and seen in that time numerous of well respected therapist across the whole of the UK and having at times some two or three sessions a week while travelling with my previous executive occupation. The truth of it is that after only 2 sessions with my kinesiologist my energy, mental health and overall wellbeing started to improve almost instantly and well beyond my initial expectation. You will notice with Linda when you meet her that she has an amazing God given gift as a very qualified therapist in a number of wonderful key therapies. Which are married with her strong personal life skills she can pin point your deepest imperfections which we all carry, prioritise the nutrient or mineral the body is craving for on a cellular level. Her caring make-up is one of complete tunnel vision on bringing you and your body, back to the perfect well balanced place while still maintaining a confident holistic relaxed pace which allows you the recipient to feel a deep peace to share anything that is of concern without any fear or reservation.

As I stated, it almost impossible to pen all of my kinesiologist’s amazing attributes in one a review but to summarise if I may. "Health is our wealth" and no price can be placed on feeling a human being instead of a human doing, without our health we are nothing and we will always be going in and out of lament with discomfort until balance it is regained and maintained.

Please if these word just simply give you a wake up call to change, then make that appointment and get that balance back. You will feel more at one, more energised and more free minded to do so much more in your short life on earth. 

To finish Disease 0r more freely known as DIS -EASE will knock on every  part of our life if you let it until you take control, so please take control and let Linda walk you back to perfect health so you can enjoy everyday with balance and harmony. Thank you.


I originally came to see my kinesiologist because of problems with the menopause, mainly hot flushes, but also tiredness, sleeping problems, mood swings, joint pains and feeling generally unwell. The kinesiology sessions I have had have really helped the hot flushes and other hormonal issues. My kinesiologist tested me for food intolerances and coming off those foods for a while along with the treatments have really boosted my energy levels and helped me move more freely. My life has most certainly improved and I would recommend her to anyone with these sorts of problems.