Case Studies

Case Studies

Headaches and IBS

Practitioner name: Claire Snowdon-Darling

First name: FW

Age: 46

Gender: Female

Symptoms: Headaches and IBS

How many sessions: 6 over a 6 month period

What I did:
The work has mostly been around reducing stress in FW's digestion and using Kinesiology techniques for rebalancing the intestinal system.

To start the balance I tested the Supraspinatus (linked to central meridian, brain) and Teres Major (linked to governing meridian, spine), both were weak. Nutrition that showed as relevant for the supraspinatus were B Complex and Food Enzymes for the Teres Major.

Her Ileo-caecal valve (ICV) showed to unlock a strong indicator muscle (SIM) when challenged in the "open" direction and also the rings of Houston showed to be relevant. Both were a priority to be balanced. I also tested PMS (Pectoralis Major Clavicular, related to stomach meridian) which was also a priority. I then worked on all priorities, ICV, Houston valve and PMS muscle combined.

Relevant nutrition to balance the priority areas tested as:
Food Enzymes, Vitamin E with selenium, milk thistle and Magnesium Citrate

I corrected the ICV and Houston using the full rebalancing technique including the ICV manipulation plus rubbed the Neuro-Lymphatic points (points along the specific meridian) for the PMS, held the PMS Neuro-Vascular points (points on the head) and ran the meridian.

During the correction we discussed what FW's "gut reacts" to and performed ESR (Emotional Stress Release) programme for psychological reversal and re patterning.
The Bach remedy for scleranthus showed as relevant.

After the ICV/Houston showed as balanced I moved on to test the endocrine.

The adrenals and thyroid showed to be unlocking a SIM and both tested as a priority.

I worked on both of these together and tested relevant nutrition, which were B Complex, Glandular (nutri whole pituitary) and vitamin C. Bach flower remedy for Elm tested.

I performed the SK "endocrine correction" by rubbing Neuro-Lymphatic points for the Sartorius (for Adrenal), Teres minor (for Thyroid), Infrapsinatus (for Thymus) and around the jaw, running the Tripple Warmer meridian (for endocrines), holding Tripple Warmer strengthening points and Neuro-Vascular points for the Teres Minor.

The whole endocrine then tested strong.

I finished the balance with Gait, front cloacals and 8 energy holding points.


What they did:
Removed wheat and milk from her diet, reduced raw food exposure

What they say:

Whilst I found the diet very hard to start with, I soon realised that it was worthwhile. By abstaining from wheat and raw veg/fruit, my stomach settled and I no longer had that bloated look and uncomfortable feeling.

The headaches reduced significantly and 6 months on I can honestly say that I have one headache a week as opposed to having a headache for a week. The treatment has changed my life, quite literally and I will recommend the Wellness Clinic without the slightest hesitation.