Case Studies

Case Studies

Bell's Palsy

Practitioner Name: Marcia Fletcher

When were the sessions? 2020

Client: male, 55 yrs

Patient diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in A&E on 26 September. Symptoms started on Sunday 20th September with face numb, paralysis down left side of the face and drooping of the mouth, cheeks and blinking affected. No other paralysis present so stroke not suspected. Possible viral infection but this was not tested for. Prior to the onset of symptoms, the patient had been vigorously exercising - squash, cycling, and kayaking. Pain was mentioned in the shoulder areas a few weeks prior to onset of symptoms. Patient undertook long continuous 8hr drive on 17th September and a week later repeated the drive on 24th September. Symptoms appeared in between these two journeys.

Issue to be resolved
Return facial nerves to normal to regain movement on the left side of the face.

Medical intervention
None. Window for using the steroid 72 hrs after first symptoms appeared was missed and no antivirals prescribed.

Complementary health intervention

Kinesiology intervention

Basic TFH balance 22 September
TFH balance 25 September
Kinesiology to identify imbalances 26 September
Energy mismatch for herpes virus – 30 September
Follow up balance 2nd October

Imbalances identified:
Muscles unlocking
Hyoid was out of balance
Spleen meridian unlocking
Spinal reflexes – T2-T3 sore and massaged, L3-L5 tender and massaged, also held for 30 seconds to await pulsing
Neurovasculars: CV meridian
Neurolymphatics – K27, Spleen, R2-3, Stomach – sore and massaged
Nutrition: Vitamin C – 2000mg in 2 doses of 1000mg; Vitamin B complex including B6 & B12 – 1 x daily; Zinc – 2 x 17 mg daily; Magnesium – 4 x 100mg daily split into 4 doses of 100mg; Fish oils – 5 capsules daily at night; Vitamin D – 2 x tablets daily ;Early use of Bee Propolis tablets to counter viral infection if present; Elderberry liquid used initially to counter viral infection if present

Lifestyle: drink more water, rest and no exercises

2nd October 2020 – follow up
Bells symptoms almost gone. Patient feel a little movement in left eyebrow, can drink without fluid escaping from left corner of the mouth, can whistle slightly, left eye still watery

Cloacals out of balance – Right eyebrow and R public bone point tender
Virus – unlocking but not priority – zinc remedy to rebalance
B12 – levels OK – but for assisting nerve health – 1 x daily in the morning
Iodine – Levels OK
Zinc – 2 x daily
Essential Fatty Acids – unlocking – 5 x fish oils needed to rebalance – take before bed
Vitamin C – 3 x 1000mg in three 1 cap doses – am, lunch and early evening
Magnesium – 4 x daily dispersed throughout the day

14 muscle balance – Goal used “My life is balanced”
Unlocked muscles – fixed as you go
CV – bilateral unlocking – neurovasculars – front sore
Sp – LHS – NLs & SR, LI NLs & SR sore
St – LHS - NLs & SR sore
SI – LHS – NLs sore around rib cage
LI – RHS – NLs sore

6th October 2020
All Bells Palsy symptoms gone, numbness gone and full use of facial muscles has returned. Reduced supplement levels to daily maintenance level.

23rd October 2020 - Final check-up and sign-off
Patient still maintaining full use of facial muscles and Bell’s Palsy completely gone.
Maintaining daily maintenance level of supplementation.
SI – LHS unlocking and front NLs to balance
LI – LHS unlocking and front NLs to balance

Additional treatment
Reflexology points for the head and neck on the big toe. Very sore in early days, reducing in pain to low levels on inside of each big toe.