eePractitioner Kinesiology level

Practitioner Kinesiology level

Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology was developed by Jimmy Scott, who trained as a physiological psychologist. This is a truly holistic system, in that it looks at problems caused by negative thinking, stress, geopathic stress, the electromagnetic affects of such devices as computers and televisions, old physical injuries, and blocks in the energy system. 

The HK training is an accredited part-time course by West and North Yorkshire Open College Network based at Leeds Metropolitan University in Leeds. There are 5 levels, set approximately 12 weeks apart, each consisting of 4 days (30 hours) plus a final assessment day.

Once the meridian energy has been balanced to allow the energy to flow smoothly along the meridian pathways, energy permission is sought to work to deal with the client's concerns and help them achieve their goals. In Health Kinesiology the practitioner examines four categories -

1) Energy Correction factors where stress, both physical and subtle, locked anywhere in the system is released by highlighting the stress in as simple a way as possible and holding the acupuncture circuits that will 'correct' or release the stress  
2) Energy Toning factors to help strengthen existing energy pathways
3) Adjunctive Factors to help support the physical body while the healing is processed and
4) Focused Energy Redirection which concentrates energy into a specific area to speed up healing.

Health Kinesiology Teaching Team
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