eeKinesiology Modalities

Kinesiology Modalities

3 in 1 Concepts

Three In One Concepts refers to the integration of body, mind and spirit, to emphasise the holistic nature of this kinesiology. 

More than 30 years after the creation of Three in One Concepts, it continues to be at the forefront of personal growth and the development of well-being, taking in such concepts as neuro-plasticity and changing your perception of the world.

'The Brain That Changes Itself' by Norman Doidge explores the science of neuroplasticity, the flexibility of the brain and its ability to change as thoughts and behaviours change. This matches the training given to Three in One practitioners.  Three in One Concepts sessions enable you to release patterns based on observation and experience that no longer serve you in present time.

The cover feature of the April 2008 issue of Psychology Today was an article entitled "Change Your Nature". Among the statements in the feature was, "Tweaking the way you interpret and react to the world can be a transformative experience, freeing you up to act in new ways.'  The 'emotional stress defusions' practised in Three in One balances do exactly that.   Three in One techniques enable you to release limiting thought patterns so you can more easily focus on creating what is in alignment for you.

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