eeFoundation Kinesiology level

Foundation Kinesiology level

Creative Kinesiology - LifeTracking

The LifeTracking Series is a 10 day course usually presented as five two-day workshops. It is designed to introduce the basics of energy awareness and Creative Kinesiology’s ‘tracking’ approach. You will also learn the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine, practitioner listening skills and many self-help energy tools that encourage health and vitality. 

  • Find your path
  • Discover self-help tools
  • Enhance well-being and vitality 

LifeTracking helps you to take charge of your life and design it in the way you want - it helps you get “on track”. Following your life path, your life track, means that your energy levels are high, you feel good about yourself, and love to be alive. 

LifeTracking offers a range of powerful tools based on the art of energy medicine from many sources, ancient and modern.  When symptoms, difficulties or dissatisfactions get in the way these tools can be used to identify them and release the hold they have, leaving the path ahead clear.

Carrie Jost KFRP (Adv)
18 Moormead
Budleigh Salterton

Tel: 01395 442610 

Judith Hart KFRP (Adv)
10 Pound Street
Tel: 01395 277358 / 07881 962057

Karen Way KFRP (Adv)
Isle of Wight
PO38 3BX
Tel: 01983 857393