eeFoundation Kinesiology level

Foundation Kinesiology level

Professional Kinesiology Practice

KF Foundation Level

There are two routes to covering the ICPKP KF Foundation level  :

1. FPK 1 Foundational Principles of Kinesiology

BKP 101: Energisers & Self Care.  Fundamental techniques like NE, NV, NL etc

BKP 102: Professional Touch, muscle testing, basic kinesiology procedures

BKP 103:  Five Element Yin, sound and colour balances

BKP 104: Meridians, organ systems, surrogates, 14 muscle goal balance

BKP 105:  Five Elem1 point, AHP, Luo & Accum point balances, alarms, emotions

2. Touch for Health levels 1-4

FPK2 Crossover course to bridge the gap between TFH 1-4 and BKP 101-105

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