eeFoundation Kinesiology level

Foundation Kinesiology level

Classical Kinesiology

On this 10 day course you will learn:

• How to discover and identify imbalances in muscles that can lead to back and neck pain.
• About the acupuncture meridian system, and how resolving muscle imbalances has a beneficial effect on this system.
• Some simple, safe yet amazingly powerful techniques to help achieve goals, defuse emotional stress such as grief, overwhelm, difficulty in making decisions and much more.

Classical Kinesiology Institute   
Ms Terry Larder KFRP (Adv) 
81 Lancashire St, Melton Rd
Leicester LE4 7AF    
0116 266 1962

Lesley Stephenson KFRP
01604 871225

Helena Arguelles KFRP
The Beck, Awre
GL14 1EQ
0774 884 1820