eeMembership Categories

Membership Categories

Advanced Registered Professional (AKFRP)

Initial Requirements:

  • Meets the current KFRP membership requirements
  • Has completed a minimum of 1200 total hours (80 attendance days) of training, with a minimum of 600 hours of Kinesiology training
  • Has ongoing public liability and personal indemnity insurance for a minimum of one million pounds
  • Is at least 25 years of age

Evidence must include:

  • Kinesiology - minimum of 300 classroom hours (40 days) plus home-study, and practical experience within one KF recognised Kinesiology training programme or within two complete KF recognised Advanced Kinesiology courses.
  • Core Subjects (A&P, Nutrition, Interpersonal Skills, Practice Management) - minimum of 200 hours including classroom hours and home-study. Additional hours can be made up from supplementary courses including Biochemistry, First Aid, Communication, Counseling, or Business Administration.
  • The remaining hours can be made up of any additional Kinesiology training and/or other complementary health training courses.

Conditions of membership:

  • Must hold valid public liability and personal indemnity insurance and accept that it is their responsibility to keep this current at all times.
  • Evidence of a minimum of 4 days (30 hours) of continuous professional development (can be made up of several courses) over a 4 year period of which 15 hours must be Kinesiology based training (k-based). 7.5 hrs of the k-based CPD must be in attendance, the rest can be through reflective practice which needs to include a written statement detailing reflective practice undertaken in the 4 year period. Reflective Practice can include: book reading, personal study, internet research, participation in exploration groups, conferences, meetings and trade sponsored supplement workshops.
  • Members not meeting the CPD requirement will be removed from the referral register and will be re-instated only when the CPD evidence is received and verified.

Entitled to use the letters ‘IKFRP’ KFRP (Adv) and the KF logo with reference to KF membership.