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Carrie Jost
18 Moormead
Budleigh Salterton

Telephone: 01395 442610

I have been working as a kinesiologist for nearly forty years. The beginning for me was getting help for gut problems – pain, bloating and discomfort. It was a complete game changer when I found that not only did I end up with great guts but also could help myself and others by learning to muscle test and use some gentle techniques to bring balance and wellbeing to my body.

When the time got nearer to leaving my job as a community worker I decided to continue to learn and to eventually set up as a Kinesiology practitioner and teacher. I was also practising as a counsellor and psychotherapist having recently completed a training course. After finding a number of wonderful bodywork courses and many kinesiology courses, I discovered Haakon Lovell, acupuncturist and kinesiologist, who showed me the way to become a detective. I became a muscle testing detective – who could discover the triggers to the current problems people were facing. These triggers can be anything – from aches and pains, illnesses and conditions, accidents and past events to ancestral issues that we don’t even know are there. Trauma can lie dormant until life shows us that we are still affected. Thank heavens for the tracking of muscle testing that can help us through, even showing which are the best techniques for making a difference.

The body knows everything about us – it has been with us through thick and thin – and by tapping into the wisdom of the body it tells us what can make a difference – through Kinesiology muscle testing. And with all of this in mind I developed the Creative Kinesiology School as a way to teach others to use this approach. This was in 1990. I was also involved in setting up the UK Kinesiology Federation at this time. Over the years I have taught many people to become Creative Kinesiology practitioners and helped many people to find wellness and balance and to move forward in their lives, able to fulfil their potential.

Creative Kinesiology offers a way of working that is creative and co-creative. I work with people in need of help, and together we create the session. I bring to bear all that is included within the Creative Kinesiology teaching as well as my lengthy experience of working with people, my psychotherapy background and a shamanic approach from my ten years of shamanic healing training.

Although I am now an elder, I still work – teaching Continuing Professional Development courses, teaching teachers and working with individuals. This work is still my joy!

The Way of the Tracker: Track your way through Stress and Trauma with Creative Kinesiology
Available on Amazon as a paperback and as an Ebook.

This is the book I have written about the way that Creative Kinesiology developed – it is full of stories, giving insight into how to find and use clues to discover what is needed for natural healing to work.

Contact me at:

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