Here are some recommended websites containing further information about kinesiology.

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Training - KF Recognised Advanced Kinesiology contacts:

Classical Kinesiology Institute
School of Creative Kinesiology
Educational Kinesiology
Health Kinesiology
Neuroenergetic Kinesiology
Optimum Health Balance
Progressive Kinesiology
Three in One Concepts
Touch for Health Professional
Wellness Kinesiology &
Cheshire Kinesiology (ICPKP Kinesiopractic® and K-Power® training) and
Kent Kinesiology College (ICPKP Kinesiopractic® and K-Power® training) and 
Kinesiology & Related Resources:

Touch for Health Charity:
UK TFH Centre:
Information, tips and inspiration for a healthier, happier life:
Information on hair loss:
Kinesiology Resources: 
Free ICPKP Kinesiology App

International contacts for kinesiology:

International Kinesiology College
Kinesiology Association of Ireland
The Australian Kinesiology Association
International College of Applied Kinesiology
International Kinesiology Directory
Kinesiology Network
Touch for Health Education
Health Kinesiology - New Zealand &
International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice 

Complementary Health Websites:

Natural Bloom website -  
Therapy Directory -
Natural Therapy Pages -


Universal Essences Ltd
Safe Alternative Medicine Newsletter
Alliance of Natural Health  
World Council For Health
Dr John Campbell YouTube Omicron Information
Alzheimers Study - Late-life physical activity relates to brain tissue synaptic integrity markers in older adults 
RCCM - Research Council for Complimentary Medicine 
HealthHelpers - Collaboration with KA supporting those with chronic pain

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