Kinesiology Federation digital flyer

Kinesiology Federation digital flyer

Dogital Flyer with green triangle logo and words Kinesiology Federation Standards - Professionalism - Progression. Kinesiology find easy change in a complex world.  Benefits of kinesiology - change attitudes and achieve goals. Increase energy and manage stress. Facilitate self healing. Improve health. Enhance performance. Find out more at
Kinesiology - changing lives

Kinesiology is a powerful tool which empowers you to take control of your health, your lifestyle, and your emotions.

Whatever changes you are looking to make, kinesiology can offer the insights, techniques, and resources to help you reach a new place of being, often by increasing confidence, offering new perspectives, and renewing motivation.

Everyone has the opportunity to tap into their unused resources and potential.

Kinesiology practitioners use muscle response testing - applying light pressure to limbs and observing their response to this pressure - to highlight where the body is out of balance.

Under or over energy within the body can have a detrimental effect on function.

Rebalancing the flow of energy, bringing balance to the body, can have profound effects on our well-being and functionality.

Kinesiology practitioners registered with the Kinesiology Federation are trained to National Occupational Standards for Kinesiology, insured, committed to our code of conduct, and continue their professional development to meet our requirements.

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