Core Subjects

Core Subjects

Core Subjects refers to courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Interpersonal Skills, Nutrition and Practice Management that have to be studied and assessed to ensure that you, as a practitioner, reach the National Occupational Standards in Kinesiology.

1.   Anatomy and Physiology (minimum 90 notional hours)

2.   Interpersonal Skills (minimum 15 notional hours)

3.   Practice Management (minimum 30 notional hours)

4.   Nutrition (minimum 90 notional hours)

Some training providers teach these core subjects in house as part of their diploma training.  Other training schools will provide information about the courses that can be studied to meet their requirements.  Please check with the individual training providers.  Training schools may give accreditation for prior learning (APL).

In the list of course descriptions 1 notional hour = 1 hour of tuition or home study.

Please see the Course Diary section for scheduled courses.