Core Subjects

Core Subjects


The Natural Food School

Crediton, Devon
Tel: 01363 82794

5 Element Nutrition blends together Natural Nutrition, the 5 elements, and Kinesiology. You will learn about the energy of food and nutrition, and crucially how to integrate this information with a kinesiology approach. This will lead to a deeper understanding of nutrition in your kinesiology sessions. The course is supported by an indepth workbook which gives you the facts on nutrition, anatomy & physiology (relevant to nutrition) and staying healthy with the seasons. The course consists of four attendance days plus home study.

Optimum Health Balance - Susanne Lakin

Woodland View
Dixon Road
North Walsham
NR28 9EA
01692 407555

A very well researched and full course including holistic and naturopathic principles and cleansing techniques along with thorough nutritional information. The course includes addictions and intolerances. It uses psychological approaches, kinesiology, Icons from Optimum Health Balance and Tapping Techniques to uncover the priority 'stuck' patterns and release the associated stress. It runs over 3 days (in two modules, 2 days & 1 day) plus homestudy.
This course has been KF recognised in August 2016 and meets the KF's requirement as Nutrition Core Subject. The panel assessing the course for the KF are overall very impressed with this course on many levels and summarise it as an excellent course meeting the criteria required by the KF and more.

Mandala Complementary Studies & Institute of Crystal & Gem Therapists
Sue Lilly, Senior Tutor
‘Llanddewi’, Cefn Gorwydd
Llangammarch Wells, Powys
Tel: 01591 610792

This course provides a broad based background in Nutrition and leads to a certificate in Nutrition Advice. The course can be done as a fully tutored, part tutored/part correspondence, or full correspondence course. The course comes with a textbook and each module also comes with an information booklet and workbook. Audio files of the taught days are also available on request by participants completing the course by either method.
This course is also mapped to the NOCN/QCF units 'Understanding Nutrition and Weight Management' and 'Understanding Nutrition and Healthy Eating'. 

The College of Functional Wellness

Claire Snowdon-Darling, AKFRP / Head of School & Laura Knowles, KFRP / TFH Instructor
46 Langstone Road
Langstone Havant
07964 976563 (Claire)
07969 369792 (Laura)


This is an accredited 53 hour foundation certificate in nutrition with all the essential information for those working in health or interested in nutrition and covers a variety of topics including food groups, allergies, vitamins, minerals, diets and the modern food practices that are contributing to ill health.

Suitable for those wishing to study nutrition for interest, as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) or as a core subject for Functional Kinesiology Practitioner training.

Accreditation of prior learning (APL) - minimum 45 notional hours

If you already hold one of the following you can apply for accreditation of prior learning from your head of Advanced Kinesiology (see Advanced Kinesiology training options for the names and details of heads of Advanced Kinesiology):

ITEC Courses to credit level 
Local colleges of education (if courses contain assessed home study and tuition)

Certificates from the following providers do not meet the current requirements

  • BSY (British School of Yoga)
  • SNHS (School of Natural Health Sciences)
  • Stonebridge College