Core Subjects

Core Subjects

Interpersonal Skills

School of Creative Kinesiology

Body Oriented Inter-personal Skills

We in CK have developed a new approach to Inter-Personal Skills.  The reason for doing this is that our work is body-oriented and this course will take the body into account, by focussing on what the body is telling us.  A lot of the work we do is centred on stress, extreme stress, trauma and shock that may become lodged in the body.  Learning how to deal with this effectively is one of the main reasons for this rewrite of our Inter-Personal Skills training course. 

The course includes the basic counselling skills needed by any therapist, how to witness and hold another person, support needed by clients during and between sessions as well as the values that must underlie any client work. 

The aims of the course are to help the participants: 

  • Recognise what the body is saying – and witnessing this
  • Understand and work with past events and ancestral inheritance, including trauma and shock that are held in the body
  • Work with ways of releasing what is held in the body – in order to increase energy and wellbeing
  • Support clients in this work as they delve deeply into their problems
  • Ensure that basic counselling skills of listening and responding, reflecting and supporting, encouraging trust and understanding the importance of process are included. 
  • Come from an understanding of the stages of life and the ways we can use our Five Element work in our relationship with our clients
  • Include basic values and support for clients 

This 90 hour course is a core subject for a kinesiologist  from any modality wanting to become a Registered Practitioner.

Teachers of Body-Orientated Interpersonal Skills are

Carrie Jost AKFRP  
18 Moormead
Budleigh Salterton
Tel: 01395 442610 

ChaNan Bonser AKFRP
Llainlas, Llwynygroes
SY25 6PY
Tel 07702598909 

Optimum Health Balance 

Susanne Lakin
Woodland View, Dixon Road
North Walsham NR28 9EA
Tel: 01692 407555
Email: or   

This course is aimed at therapists in general and particularly kinesiologists. It takes place over 2 weekends and is practically based. The skill development and knowledge and understanding is set within the framework of Personal Construct Psychology. The approaches used also enable participants to enhance self-awareness and therefore awareness of others.  Assessment is in 3 parts comprising of a personal journal, a written assessment and an assessment of practical skills.

Progressive Kinesiology Academy UK
Essex.  CO2 0JY
Tel: 01206 738378
Interpersonal skills are covered on our Foundation and Practitioner Courses and a certificate will be presented on successful completion of this subject. 

IPS in Kinesiology is a Core Subject and is required to be completed in order to become a professional practitioner in Kinesiology.  You may have covered parts of this in your training with regard to sensitive questioning, reading body language, non verbal communication, open ended questioning etc. The KNOS for Kinesiology means IPS is important to have a good understanding of in order to be a professional.
  • Communication with clients and anyone occupying them
  • Questioning and listening skills
  • Barriers to communication
  • Observation of body language and signals
  • Disability & Equality
  • Confidentiality
  • Consent
  • Self-reflection
IPS is divided into three parts:


The course is delivered to a Level 3 standard within our Practitioner Course Training and part of our Foundation Course.

The College of Functional Wellness
Claire Snowdon-Darling, AKFRP / Head of School & Laura Knowles, KFRP / TFH Instructor
46 Langstone Road
Langstone Havant
07964 976563 (Claire)
07969 369792 (Laura)

Foundation Coaching Skills
This is an accredited 60 hour foundation certificate in coaching with all the essential information for those working in a coaching or therapy setting. It is a practical training where you learn to coach in a safe, non-judgemental environment with the support of experienced tutors as well as learning the important aspects of coaching including techniques, consent, confidentiality and professional standards.

It was designed as a core subject in interpersonal skills for Kinesiology students and can also be studied for CPD.

Online Course Syllabus - The course is split into 5 modules

  1. Communication - Professional  Standards, Practitioner Communication, Client Communication
  2. Consent
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Coaching - How to Coach, Structuring a Session, Goal Setting, Coaching Techniques, Self Care
  5. Reclaim Your Life – A 12 module course to give you the tools to uncover your own blocks and work through them.