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PKP - NUT1 Nutrition Core Subject

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PKP - NUT1 Nutrition Core Subject

Nutrition:  NUT1
This home study unit covers the skills and knowledge required to provide basic advice on dietary modification according to established nutritional medicine practice and covers the theory of Nutrition to an introductory level as it pertains to the kinesiologist.  It will give students the knowledge of the role of nutrition for the homeostasis of the body as well as the ability to analyse dietary requirements and to make suggestions based on that analysis.   This unit contains the requirements of ASQA unit HLTNUT610B.

This home study unit has an assignment journal which will be assessed by an ICPKP Faculty member on completion, then the student sits an online assessment.  Contact Denise Gurney to find out how to register at any time.  

Courses are ongoing.

All students require to have access to an iPad or iPhone in order to complete the course. 

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Denise Gurney

Cheshire Kinesiology
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Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP)

There are several levels of training, each one is assessed – not by written exam but by competency.  It is important that you are a competent practitioner and can demonstrate that you know what you are doing, not that you are good at writing exams.  Courses are taught in many countries through Faculty and Senior Faculty of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP).  All have a teaching qualification.

ICPKP provides course material for up to five years of study in Professional Kinesiology Practice in the form of:
1. International Certificate of Self-Care 
2. International Certificate in Kinesiology for Wellness 
3. International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice 
4. ICPKP Diploma of Learning, Metaphysical, Holographic & Vibrational Energies
5. ICPKP Diploma of Energy Psychology
6. ICPKP Diploma of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Reintegration
7. ICPKP Diploma of Dietary & Nutritional Science.

The Diplomas are made up of many certification programmes so that students can study the things that interest them the most on their way to achieving a Diploma, eg. ICPKP Certificate in Stress & Pain Management, the Ligament and Joint Management Certificate Programme and more.

This is a comprehensive, student-centred training available worldwide. The in-depth programme blends theoretical study and practical experience, enabling students of all ages and backgrounds to learn kinesiology and become highly skilled and sought after practitioners.

The level “International Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice” covers the KF’s fully qualified Kinesiologist qualification. 

Head of Kinesiology
Denise Gurney KFRP (Adv)
Cheshire Kinesiology
Cheshire  SK10 2LB
01625 433 571